Series 9 Moshling Figures Image- FAKE!!

Once we know it, we will show it! But wait? Why didn’t we show the series 9 image? Well recently, our ‘friends’ over at the Moshi Max blog created a fake graphic of the supposed series 9 Moshling Figures. The fact the image looked quite legitimate, several other Moshi sites, youtubers, and viewers were fooled and thought the image was real. So they then shared it with their friends and viewers, spreading the fake image made by Brandon, owner of Moshi Max website. The series 9 image you’ve been seeing and hearing about recently,  is FAKE AND NOT REAL.

Here is the image from Moshi Max, leaked onto some other blogs: 


Featured Image



Looks quite real? Well nice try Moshi Max. You haven’t fooled us. I know this image is fake, because I looked all over the internet for the past few weeks for the real image. I didn’t find it at all. I even emailed Vivid toys, who said that there is no image. I also spoke to the owner of the blog, Brandon. He admitted on chat that the image is fake, and he made it himself. I knew it was fake from before, that’s why I didn’t post it on MME. So I wouldn’t recommend relying on websites like this that lie and fool you.

I am quite disappointed that such a new blog I supported from the start, tricked and fooled their fans. Not cool at all. A tip for other blogs that posted the image: Don’t believe everything you see on the web! Always try and get confirmation about it first! That’s why here at MME, everything we post is real, and confirmed! Once we know, we will show it; Only at MME! We would NEVER fool or lie to you. We are here to help and don’t have that type of time to waste.

Overall, the image is FAKE. We will provide a real image, once it is released.

We aren’t here to put Moshi Max down. It is just as amazing as MME, but we are quite shocked they could do such. However, it is my duty as the owner of MME, to inform our viewers that this image isn’t real. We will do our best to keep you up to date, with real information/graphics; Once we know it, we will show it! Any thoughts? Comment.

Special Thanks goes out to the ‘MoshiMonstersShow’, on YouTube for helping to help spread out the message that the image is actually fake. Thanks for posting this and giving credit to MME. It let’s people know that this is not real, stops confusion. I am very sad that the image was fake :( . Trust MME to let you know when we have a real, confirmed image of Series 9! -Rosscp

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18 Responses to Series 9 Moshling Figures Image- FAKE!!

  1. chockie0159 says:

    what is that thunder tail moshling anyway

  2. shygirl2811 says:

    Thanks MME, I saw the image and nearly fainted, the graphic quality was kinda fake Vivid would probably do way better!

  3. Dolly2386 says:

    Lucasfairies, that moshling with the thunder tail could be fake for all we know! LOL

  4. Dolly2386 says:

    Words of wiseness blockyears!

  5. blockyears says:

    Well done to MME for exposing this fake and telling the truth. The truth exists… only lies are invented.

      • 2009Fire15 says:

        You clearly are lying. You told me yourself that you made this. I have looked everywhere on the web, used search tools, search engines, and everything I could, but haven’t found it. Could possibly give a link where you found it? I doubt it. The link should be then xD

        We also never emailed MMax anything as our email has been down, so there is another lie. You are also right about your graphic abilities not being that high. They are quite low as the image looks as fake as it is.

        Nice try, have a good day :)

  6. Lucasfaries says:

    who’s that moshling with the thunder tail?

  7. Lucasfaries says:

    i could just be a guess, i mean its not like its bad

  8. sewproverbs says:

    Actually I saw it I just forgot..

  9. sewproverbs says:

    To be honest, me and my sister have never seen that image before….
    Unbelievable! Why would Moshi Max lie?
    That is mean..

  10. benblue222 says:

    Nice work Moshi Max. I’m sort of glad I was fired now I know about this lie. Also, the Micro Dave shadow isn’t like Vivid would put it. I can’t believe a blog would fool everyone!

  11. adam1559 says:

    I know it’s fake becuase if you look closely, you see the graphics are slightly different to moshi’s ones. Even I could do that!

  12. mariojoe11 says:

    I could tell it was fake, There is a random blue splotch at the top, Glob’s silhouette is weird and the moshlings was placed weird, and to be fair, the roster of moshlings are just too good to be true!

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