Series 6 are out now in Tesco! Full List of Characters!

Hey everyone! Series 6 Moshi Monsters Moshlings Figures are out now in Tesco, not officially released until Friday! All that have been seen are ‘Blind Bags’ (2 Moshling Packs) , and we think ‘Blister Packs’ (5 Moshling Packs) Will becoming at the weekend! 

There are Sixteen Characters to collect! Here they are in order as they are shown on the back of the pack:

  • Buster Bumblechops #M27
  • Stomper #M28
  • Linton #44
  • Hissy #22
  • Oiler #M31
  • Sprinkles #42
  • Raarghly #M30 (RARE!)
  • Ziggy #26 (ULTRA RARE!)
  • Trixie #32
  • Sweeny Blob #46
  • Shoney #19 (ULTRA RARE!)
  • Lurgee #49
  • Dizzee Bolt #M29
  • Topsy Turvy #119
  • Billy Bob Baitman #M25
  • Egon Groany #M26 (RARE!)

Altogether there is 16 Moshlings to collect! There are Two Ultra Rares and Two Rares to collect as well! Remember you have the special gold inserts that will be hidden in lucky packs!

The Moshlings will be available across the UK from Friday 22nd March 2013 – maybe later for some stores, but if you have a local Tesco grab some money and go get some NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!111



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