Scrumpy and Moshling Egg Glitches Fixed!

Scrumpy can now be caught. Yesterday there was a glitch meaning that Scrumpy could not be caught. The glitch has now been fixed and Scrumpy is you’re’s by planting: A Blue Moon Orchid; Any Star Blossom and Any Love Berries! Scrumpy is amazing! I love his noise! 


The Golden Moshling Egg problem has been fixed!! Professor Purplex now hatches from the egg!! ENJOY!!!

Scrumpy is amazing in my opinion! Please leave us a comment and let us know if you like scrumpy, tell us a number 1 = Hate him, 10 = Love him!! :)


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2 Responses to Scrumpy and Moshling Egg Glitches Fixed!

  1. Rosscp and 2009fire15 I need help..I just Got the Prof.Purplex from the egg and I keep Him..Then a DJ QUACK profile comes up?

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