New Set – ‘Roxstars!’ + How to get Pip!

For ages now, ever since the Moshlings Ultimate Collectors guide, Monsters have been wondering what set Bobbi Singsong and Zack Binspin will be in. We now know, a set called the ‘Roxstars’. There are now 100 Moshlings you can get, as there is now 25 Confirmed Sets. And around a quarter of those 100 moshlings you can get, are unreleased, and some unknown!  Woot! Here’s his name in his set!

How do you get Pip? 2009fire15′s Video:
Pip can be bought by buying the My Moshi Home playset, RRP £39.99

Enjoy! Welcome to Jollywood is coming soon! -Rosscp!

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Owner/Founder/Creator of Moshi Monsters Expressway website! I'm a 15 year old boy from Toronto, Canada!
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13 Responses to New Set – ‘Roxstars!’ + How to get Pip!

  1. KNOTY2597 says:


  2. navi says:

    has anyone got the tree house yet cause i was wondering if it was good

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  4. 2009fire15 says:

    who likes my site.

  5. Aimeeyc/Princess6547 says:

    I’m getting that playset someday ^-^

    I was wondering if I can use the video for my site?

  6. becka1608 says:

    i want the playset and pip im a boy i want every moshling i just need pip furnando and bobbi singsong

  7. Maybe I’ll ask my parents to give me the play set for Christmas. Who knows?! :)

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