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Moshi Monsters- The Latest Arby Codes

Full list of Secret Codes/Arby Codes: http://wp.me/P11ffl-u0

Room Item Codes (51)

  • Stackable Lollipop: OOHCANDY1
  • Stackable Midcane: OHHCANDY2
  • Stackable Topcandy: OHHCANDY3
  • Eye Plant: HAPPY44
  • Furry Party Plinth: PARTY
  • Gold Peppy Stunt Bike: PEPPYRARE
  • Gadget Cabinet: GADGETCAB92
  • Gooey Galleon – Figurehead: GALLEON
  • Purple Chair: 2PURPLEARMS
  • Squishy Stool: MONSTERS
  • Big Bad Boombox: BIGBAD67
  • Blobert: MOSHIMOSHI11
  • Cheeky Gargoyle: RASPBERRY
  • Compass: EAST99
  • Confetti Rocket: PROFPURPLEX6
  • Daily Growl Lurve Heart: LURVETHEDG
  • Dodgy Dealz Pen: 1DODGYPEN
  • Fossil: DAILYGROWL74
  • Fun Flowers: FANGTASTIC
  • Happy Birthday Banner: LETSPARTY1
  • Happy Birthday Banner: LETSPARTY2
  • Hamster Ball: HAMMY
  • Hamster Ball: MOSHLINGZOO1
  • Harmony Harp: PLUCKY4
  • Jack O’ Lantern: LANTRN
  • I <3 Moshi Mug: SLURP1
  • Magnifying Glass: ARTATTACK12
  • Monster Plant: EARTHDAY88
  • Mr Juggles: MOSHIFUNPARK
  • Musical Beanie Blob: DROOL33
  • Mustachio Glump-O-Lantern: FREAKYFRIGHT
  • Pile O Rox: ROXPILE9
  • Poppets Pencil: SK3TCH
  • R2 Trashcan: GINGERSNAP11
  • Rainbow Chair: HUESEAT
  • Rainbow Maker: GOOGENHIME22
  • Roary’s Birthday Balloon: PURPLEPARTY
  • Roary’s Birthday Balloon: EYEBALLOON93
  • Rubber Duck: QUACKYDUCK
  • Scary Gargoyle: ROARSOME1
  • Shakesfear Bust: BARDBRAIN
  • Slime Clock: ICKTOCK
  • Stop Watch: OCLOCK
  • Switchy Tyre Swing: NAY76767
  • Telegroan Booth: LONDONCALLING
  • Telegroan Booth: RINGRING
  • Turbo Top: BIGBADBILL31
  • Snowy Furi: TYRA2222
  • Cuddly Pirate: SWASHBUCKLER33

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175 Responses to Moshi Monsters- The Latest Arby Codes

  1. wrae says:


  2. POPPET says:


  3. cousinjeffery says:

    hi there are some codes i would like 2 give out they r just a hint to get rox go to the port and look around 4 a ree with rox on it i can tell u 2 things there r a lot of rox trees and u may have 2 wait till next week because i tried to get some and it said wait till next week add me cousinjeffery thx 4 the codes

  4. alysha4ever says:

    where can i find the codes on this

  5. isabel says:

    no u use a code is :HOBBIDIDANCE plz add me on moshi monsters i am lillyjepps :) .

  6. isabel says:

    it actully really works i tried it and it worked :) oh and plz add me on moshi monsters im lillyjepps.

  7. isabel says:

    to get penny u have to become a member go to the volcano and do all the missions and on one of the missions u can get penny

  8. isabel says:

    by the way blackfriday code does not work any more.

  9. isabel says:

    add me on moshi monsters i’m lillyjepps.

  10. Alyanna says:

    What is the song here on the video?

  11. ciare says:

    blackfriday (code)

  12. roy says:

    hey plz add me my name is ultraspinehorse i know loads of codes

  13. gurpreet says:

    if anyone wonts a freemembership then add me :gopidhami

  14. moshi9la says:

    hi please add me i’m moshi9la here’s a code SQUIDDLY

  15. kaine says:

    hello add me kainerocks921 on moshi monsters please

  16. john cena says:

    hello add me and i will give you a gift i am ajlee987654321

  17. Maya says:

    Ok so I’m a member and you can add me on hihi_lola2 and if you want money codes free membership accounts I can give them to you just ask!

  18. hunter says:

    here is my oner name and password oner name is maxwell1223 and the password is hunter DO NOT CHANGE THE PASSWORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. bob says:

    the FREEROX code don’t work and please add me my oner name is………………….corbin9978

  20. susie says:

    :D yoyoyoyooooooo

  21. susie says:

    LOL!!!! :)

  22. tara9167 says:

    please can someone give me codes for rox

  23. amy says:

    hi umm can u add me and send me some cheats for roxs if u now any thanks ( shiney44 ) thanks agian

  24. Karis says:

    Hello x My name on moshi monsters is corriekaris :) I dont know may but here is 2 One is port the other n8ad6679t7cy

  25. ben says:

    my name on moshi monsters is:benyboythebest if u want to add me

  26. rio says:

    add me if u wish rez3001

  27. jacquie says:

    wazz up im popstarpee1

  28. gregory says:

    just go to moshimonsters.com/megregory_2468!!!

  29. gregory says:

    here’s some!!!1port,2candycane,3lamp44,4moshlingzoo1,5fantastic,6nay76767,and7moshi310,that’s it but if you add me I will tell you more codes.

  30. gregory says:

    I know at least 20-45

  31. gregory says:

    we already know that:[

  32. elianna says:

    i like patick he is funny

  33. superstudi says:

    hey guys here is a code:freerox if you want more ad me my name is ayush 78910

  34. nik5215219 says:

    HEY guys if you need a codes to get Blingo? IF you do you came to the right place this is his code:DJdude456 then plant that seed and any 2 more seed then whit for a bit of hours and there you have it thats Blingo’s code.

  35. lilangel99 says:

    HEY PEOPLE im new to this website and i know tonnes of codes! hers one:
    want more codes?
    then add me! the-awesomeness99

  36. lilyroc1 says:

    hi my codes are

  37. jaco6j says:

    The code for roxy is HOBBIDANCE and the code for a dragon wall thingy is FIREY oh and add me plzzz I am jacob6j.

  38. manaiag says:

    this is the best game lol<3

  39. chrissy says:

    hey guys i know new codes so add me zombie1011011102

  40. zallaq5 says:

    whats the real real real real code for nipper can you tell me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  41. franky says:

    here are some codes

    moshlingzoo1 or hammy

  42. truelover123 says:

    what i cant find the website

  43. atahua12 says:

    heyyy guys i know the code for Blingo if u want it the code is DJDUDE345 oh and could u plzzzz! add me and my friend
    my name is atahua12 my friend is payshalia thanx <3 :) ;) :P :D :0

  44. emmily says:


  45. ennalama says:



  46. SUBS says:

    I KNOW 1

    MOSHIDOSHI392=1000 OR 200

  47. kingemily31@yahoo.com says:

    I have tride all of the codes SOME DON’T WORK

  48. niall123825 says:

    yea whats the code

  49. Chelsea, or MM Name: deaconet says:

    Hi, I have a few codes that you can use. Whether it be ROX or MOSHLINGS or ITEMS that you want i have a good collection that you can use!

    50MILLION – 100 Rox
    FREEROX – 100 or 1000 Rox
    Z6GMFPYWDAFX – 100 Rox

    port- Item i think!!!:)

    I HAVE MORE! look at my house and add me on MM (deaconet) < my name on MM and post a message on what you want to know and i will post back!:)

    - deaconet

  50. Ramisha says:

    does anyone know how to get penny????????????

  51. pinkypiefluffy66 says:

    lol its me and have you done the code please i want a roxy so much can you do a mission with roxy in

  52. vanessa says:

    hi realy coool this

  53. vanessa says:

    hey i love this plz add me on moshi i am called pwincesswhite_08

  54. Iqra says:

    ITS ABSOLUTLY HELPS THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. lilia8934 says:

    hi hi heres a code MOSHIMOSHI1

  56. lilia8934 says:


  57. makenzi says:


  58. makenzi says:

    hi pepes
    whats up

  59. grace says:

    Whats the song that plays? ;D

  60. AMEER says:


  61. kameron says:

    none works i tride all off them add me plz kameron12345678999

  62. kameron says:

    plz add me im kameron12345678999 and im 11 so just add me

  63. pinkypiefluffy66 says:

    and thats really good then you will keep roxy this time i done that to please do this code pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  64. pinkypiefluffy66 says:

    i made up a new code moshimember and to do this you get a radiant flower so if you got roxy with the first flower and you set is free by accident you get another chance

  65. asultrifelak47 says:

    any other codes that work

  66. cain says:

    acept me first

  67. warzbailey says:

    real code tastyblue

  68. Lizzie65665 says:

    The code for roxy is HOBBIDIDANCE trust me it works

  69. madeleine662 says:

    ok i will add u

  70. madeleine662 says:

    how do u get the moshi monster picture?

  71. madeleine662 says:

    also i have my bro and his account is blingy662 and its madeleine im just changing my name to madeleine662 k

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