Moshi Monsters Series 9 Moshling Figures – Countdown: 7 Days to Go

Day 2- COMING TOMORROWWelcome to the official Moshi Monsters Expressway Series 9 Moshlings Countdown post!Everyday until release on February 14th, we will be revealing a brand new Moshling that will feature in the Series 9 Figures!


7 DAYS TO GO (DAY 11 OF 17)

Release Date: February 14, 2014.
Moshling Figures: 17 Moshlings.
Willow, Cleetus, Wuzzle, Toots, Twaddle, Bubbly, Tumbles, Swizzle, Pipsi, Shimmy, Chirpy and 7 more!

Please continue reading for today’s figure!

Figure 11/17, Day 7: Chirpy


All 16 Series 9 Figures:

What do you guys think? Which figure is your favourite so far? Let us know in the comments! Stay tuned as we’ll be updating the countdown tomorrow to bring you day 6 and figure 12 of the Series 9 Moshlings Figures Countdown!

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7 Responses to Moshi Monsters Series 9 Moshling Figures – Countdown: 7 Days to Go

  1. Ella says:

    Where do u get secret codes from for moshi village game? All i got so far are abcd. Wxyz. Moshivillage. They gave us money, bamboo and a rocket.

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  3. fifi2472 says:

    Um… didn’t you skip about four moshling information things/four days???? :(

  4. emily250103 says:

    Email me and I’ll email you back the surprise Moshling. ;D

  5. emily250103 says:

    HEY! I found them in my Tesco store! I did a review on them!

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