Moshi Monsters- A New Moshling? PIP???

Hey guys! Ok, so I was viewing my Moshi profile, and going thru the fave moshling thingy, and I found this unreleased moshling, called “PIP”

Take a look:

Crazy huh? I have never seen that moshling before! Looks like Moshi is trying to give us clues! What do you think? Let’s take a brief and bigger look of how PIP looks like:

Awesome? He might be here for mission 6? Who knows! Tell me what you think in the comments!


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57 Responses to Moshi Monsters- A New Moshling? PIP???

  1. chanel says:


  2. ben says:

    what is the code for pip
    if you tell me it il give you shambles code
    ive got loads
    over 10
    good luck
    my user is benyboythebest

  3. What is the code for Pip?

  4. maebh says:

    dose anyone like mi monster?

  5. maebh says:

    even tow i’m not a member could enyone tell me the code i’m not getting that set so pls tell me and pls add me i’m ilovelittlemix024
    and i only have 5 friends soo.. im not full of friends yet lol!

  6. Moshijem13 says:

    I think it’s great but he will not be in mission 6 because I’ve done it

  7. dude1868 says:

    hi geus what i got dustbin beaver pip and just about evry rare moshling…boyah

  8. hsghfsh says:

    the code 937469ytghj no caps

  9. Gabrielle says:

    Can someone tell me why is it so hard to get pip if he is a common moshling!!!!!!

  10. cohenmojo says:

    i will tell you boomers code

  11. cata says:

    i need the code for pip so i can give it to my friend:-(

  12. bfdiafan says:

    hey can you tell me what pip’s code is

  13. luanfoong says:

    Go to spider-t room. She has info on her PB for Pip and Shambles and is very helpful!

  14. babyboom914 says:

    i was a member for a day and you get bobbi sing song in season 2 mission 6 not pip, my friend told me that you get pip by buying the “My Moshi Home” pack. no jokkes.

  15. yahya says:

    you need to buy a my moshi home playset to get the code for pip

  16. Shae_Payne13 says:

    U don’t get pip on mission 6 season 2 u get bobby singsong.

  17. luke word says:

    he can not be on episode 6 because bob is on episode 6 and i have him to prove it and i fink it is a code or you plant it and get lucky

  18. niamh says:

    im getting pip code today i will share when i have it and fernando is the moshling you get in the new ds game it is come out on 26th of octoeber

  19. csikohal says:

    he is not in mission six

  20. Josh says:

    I bought the moshi monsters my moshi home play set and got the code for pip. Check out my room: joshch22

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  22. tenmy says:

    You need a code for Pip from the My Moshi House.

  23. Josh says:

    my name is moshiwolf7 you can acess my room at:

  24. utti1104 says:

    the code isnt pip i dont know the code

  25. chloe says:

    yer i go with kameron and the code pip is not real im sure i tryed it ! iv got the play set and i did not get pips code

  26. kameron says:

    i got bobbi singsong from mission 6 series 2 and i’m a member

  27. wilbo752 says:

    its not mission 16 boobi sing song is on mission 16

  28. my name on moshi monster is...katie1233218888 says:

    plz tell me how to get pip pllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllz

  29. tahmika83 says:

    I didn’t know where to comment so i put it here! Hope you don’t mind! Bye!

  30. katlyen says:

    um does anyone now the code for pip if so please add me and tell me. thanks

    Username = sergioblue

  31. savannah says:

    plz tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  32. savannah says:

    HOW do u get pip!?!?

  33. john says:

    desparate for pip the code for pip is i am the nut no spaces give me furnandos code

  34. Desperate 4 Pip says:

    I wish I could get Pip… I had all the Moshlings until now. I can’t get the playhouse. Please, I’m begging here, if anyone has a spare code for Pip, PLEASE give it to me. I will give you a code for Dustbin Beaver, or something else if you PLEASE just give me the code, but think of you first. If you only have one code, use it yourself. I don’t wan’t to steal it from you if you don’t have one yourself. If you do, PLEASE just consider giving it to me. I’m sorry. I’m so greedy, aren’t I? I’m begging on a website for a code that I don’t have, that probably many other people don’t have either. I’m sorry if I’m wasting your time. And if you’d even answer my pleads, my username is Webkinzloverjrh. I should end this comment. Bye.

  35. harley says:

    bobbi singsong is the

    moshlin that u get in sesson 2 misson6

  36. joe says:

    u get pip by buying the moshi playset. add me. im shadowflareblitz (level 19)

  37. harley says:


  38. Matt says:

    I Live in america so I don’t know the code.

  39. harley says:

    i rec that it is misson6

  40. lolarox1999 says:

    Heey Fire! Pip is already released! And here is how I know! You have to buy the Moshi Monsters Home Playset for a one time use code! When I type in the username in the search thing on the friend tree her room and monster don’t show up! But if you wanna try her username is cati886 and she has Pip in her room! But here is another idea! Type in Tingaling1000 then go to her friend tree and one of her BFF’s are cati886 click the owner name and in her room she should have Pip!
    Please Add me: lolarox1999

  41. lolarox1999 says:

    Heey! I know for sure cause I saw him in someones room! You have the buy the moshi monsters house playset and gives you a one time use code for Pip! Check out tingaling1000′s room then go to her BFF tree and look for cati886 then cati886 will have Pip in her room! Please add me Fire! Lolarox1999

  42. I don’t think you get Pip in season 2 mission 6 because according to Moshi Monsters Wiki the moshling you get in season 2 mission 6 is Bobbi Singsong so there must be another way to get Pip.

    • Rosscp says:

      MMW are a bunch of liers. Don’t believe a word they say. We are unsure about pip or bobby or fernando in mission six. Here at mme we tell the truth. If we make assumptions we let you know we are.

    • 2009fire15 says:

      Don’t believe Moshi Wiki. Honestly like 75% of the information is fake and not true at all. We post the real stuff here, after Moshi Monsters team approves and confirms it. They just guess and predict. We never predict or guess unless we are confident and 100% sure. Don’t get fooled by Moshi Wiki.
      Stay with us, as we’ll give you the real, true updates.

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