Exclusive to MME (First on the Web!): Jessie and Betty SPOTTED!

FIRST ON THE WEB EXCLUSIVE – Thanks to an MME commenter, who’d like to remain Anonymous. We’ve just heard that two Moshi Staff members have captured two new Moshlings, that no-one else has!

Zooberguber has JESSIE!

Zomgarm has BETTY!

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to get Jessie or Betty! As soon as we know, be sure you will too! 


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3 Responses to Exclusive to MME (First on the Web!): Jessie and Betty SPOTTED!

  1. Nice find! Although it doesn’t help us find out how to get our hands on the critters! Does anyone know anything about how/when/where these Moshlings are going to be available? Have you tried emailing customer services?

    • Rosscp =O says:

      Thanks! Nope, not yet, but we reckon it will be pretty soon, because previously when moshlings have been released, in coming weeks they become more common, and sooner or later the secret method to get the moshling is out there along with the Moshling its self!! :D No, erm they wont do anything they dont give stuff away like that! :D

    • 2009Fire15 says:

      We are doing lots of research! As soon as we know, we will show!

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