How to get Splatter Moshling on Moshi Monsters (NEW + EXCLUSIVE FIRST COMBINATION)



Hi Everyone! I, (2009Fire15) have got it confirmed to you that the New Moshling, Splatter can be obtained if you pre-order Moshi Monsters: The Movie Tickets at UK Vue Cinemas!

The news was broken to us this morning, (Monday Morning), by Moshi Staff. Now we are breaking it to the world via MME!

Set: Arties
Species: Abstract Artiste 
Combination: Pre Order Moshi Movie Tickets

Number, Rarity: 129, Uncommon


  1. Go to Moshi Movie Site on ticket release date (Coming Soon)
  2. Go to the tickets section (Coming Soon)
  3. Complete funding
  4. Confirm payment
  5. Wait for tickets to arrive
  6. With tickets, use special code for Splatter’s seed.

At this time, the Moshi Movie Great Moshling Egg is only playing in the United Kingdom. Therefore, Splatter can only be attained by our British friends only! Sorry to everyone else! I am Canadian, so I find it a bit disappointing! Tickets are coming soon! So stay tuned.

At this time, I don’t have a lot of information. This is an official post, so it will be updated numerous times throughout this month. So be sure to check back here for any updates!

*This post was broken to the world first, on MME before anyone else* Please give credit*

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17 Responses to How to get Splatter Moshling on Moshi Monsters (NEW + EXCLUSIVE FIRST COMBINATION)

  1. Just Unknown says:

    I’m from Australia and I don’t ever to plan to see the show at all. The movie isn’t going to every city, country, and etc. Also, some people wouldn’t be able to go. This should of just been a Moshling with a seed code or see combination.

  2. Elinor says:

    I just need the code for splatter………..[s p l a t t e r]

  3. lord ethan says:

    i live in britan but imissed the movie unfortanatly and splatter is one of the last 3 i need anyone know when theres another combo or not

  4. Aiden says:

    Thanks for putting the instructions in moshimonsters expressway! :) . .

  5. MAX BOWDEN says:

    I think that the whole world should be allowed the movie at a near enough time as not to disappoint other Moshi followers even though I’m British. It certainly hasn’t made me a great Christmas present thanks to VUE Paignton, who STILL havn’t ordered tickets to pre-book by 4th December. This whole matter seems very unfair and not only around the rest of the world!


    Sorry to sound grumpy, but I believe everyone should be treated the same around the worldn not only other countries!

  6. Mayamer says:

    I live in the UK and I think it’s absolutely appalling that some of the moshi dedicated followers are excluded from some of the features. My opinion is, that if a feature, item, magazine, etc., is not possible for EVERYONE, then it should be for NO-ONE.


  7. chockie0159 says:

    You know, on the website it said you would be able to pre-book tickets from December 1st onwards but on the 1st I tried to book at a vue and it wasn’t on the bookings list. :-(

  8. SO STUPID!! I live in the US and I heard that the movie isn’t even coming to the US! I won’t be able to get Splatter or the mystery moshling from the movie. If you get an extra code can I please have it. My username is awesomedude32456

    • fifi2472 says:

      The movie isn’t coming out in the USA? Darn! I live there, too. Maybe I can get it on Netflix…. :( :(

      • Htheman1 says:

        I suspect it will come out as a seed combo at some point and the Movie will come out on Netflix. But the Movie is coming out in Australia. But the date for america is unknown.
        I am A Moshi Expert But not working on MME.

  9. As a loyal US Moshi member, I am getting tired of everything not being available here, I must admit. Come on Moshi, expand your frontiers! :(

  10. Htheman1 says:

    I think I may have done that first so it isn’t exclusive. And you may see it is published on the first meanwhile yours in on the second.

    • 2009Fire15 says:

      Yours was unconfirmed. Mine was posted just 10 minutes after the news was released. MME were the first to break it worldwide, officially. Therefore it is an exclusive first.
      Thanks for your assumption :)

      • Htheman1 says:

        Hi Fire, In the Dictionary EXCLUSIVE means restricted to the person, group, or area concerned, So it’s only available on MME which I am afraid it’s not, It’s on My Website, Moshi Max, Mario’s Moshi Site and All the rest, So therefore it’s not exclusive.

        • 2009Fire15 says:

          At the time I posted it, MME was the only site it was available on.
          I am aware you posted it a day before, but yours was not official, it was just a prediction, which isn’t an exclusive. The news was broken on MME before anyone. Even before VUE Cinemas even posted it, and even before Moshi did too. All the other blogs posted it after us, and gave credit. So I don’t see how we lose the definition of “exclusive” as I am well aware of my vocabulary. Thanks for the assumptions!

  11. Emma Settles says:

    Once again only the British are able to get a moshling, Splatter, that others cannot get. Does Moshi only want certain players to play Moshi Monsters? What about the rest of the world? Is this fair? Yes, most of the world will be very disappointed about this new development.

    • 2009Fire15 says:

      I agree.
      However, tickets can’t be sold forever. Therefore, there will be a second way to get Splatter later on, possibly in 2014.
      This isn’t the last combination. There will be another one soon, unless Slatter was specifically made for the Movie tickets. Stay tuned to MME, as lots of more information is on the way!

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