How To Complete Super Moshi Mission #3 (By Greanie)


(aka the search for “PLINKY!” from the “TUNIES!”)

1. Go to “Volcano”
2. Enter the Mission Control HQ
3. Click the Elder Moshi to bring up Mission assignment board. click mission #3
4. Your first task is to “AVOID THE GOO!”
5. Try and evade all the pelting “goo” coming towards your plane
6. If you get “gooed” you need to clean the plane
7. “WURLEY” needs to be SUPERCHARGED
8. To find “WURLEY”, click “rainbow”
9. You will meet “NIMBUS” the cloud
10. “NIMBUS” will help supercharge “WURLEY”, your first task is to make “NIMBUS” laugh alot
11. Tell “NIMBUS” 3 jokes, choosing the correct punchlines for each joke to complete task
12. First correct answer is: “Legless sheep”
13. Second correct answer is: “Slowly-cane”
14. Third correct answer is: “Thunder-wear”
15. “NIMBUS” will rain over plane (Hey! That rhymes!)
16. Now it’s “WURLEY’S” turn to be fixed, return over the “rainbow” and ask “FLUMPY” to help
17. “FLUMPY” will ask you for: glue, sticks, material and string to make a kite
18. Collect the string from the “Windmill”, the material from the plane’s tail, the glue from the “goo” on the plane and the sticks from the ground beside “WURLEY”
19. Give the items to “FLUMPY” and he will make a new kite
20. “NIMBUS” will help with “WURLEY” again by making a lightning bolt
21. Your next task will be to make “NIMBUS” angry, tell “NIMBUS” about “DR STRANGEGLOVE’S” new devious plan
22. Choose the replies that speak of “DR STRANGELOVE” to anger “NIMBUS”, he will darken and release a bolt of lightning whixh SUPERCHARGES “WURLEY”
23. Put “WURLEY” in your inventory
24. Return to plane and put “WURLEY” into plane from your inventory
25. Next task is to “COLLECT LIGHTNING” to power up plane and catch “DR STRANGEGLOVE’S” airship
25. Navigate the plane to catch the “lightning bolts” and avoid the flying “goo”
26. You will become trapped in “DR STRANGEGLOVE’S” airship
27. Send “WURLEY” through the pipe overhead so he can open the door
28. “WURLEY” will have to pick up the “cog” from the floor and put it on the machine, then he has to click the white pipes on the machine so they connect correctly
29. Once they do, the green goo will flow down and the “OPEN GATE” sign will light up, click the sign to open door and enter the room where “WURLEY” is
30. Look through window on the other door and see what “DR STRANGEGLOVE” is doing
31. A moshling is being used to work the”GOO CANNONS”
32. Next task is to “GOO UP THE AIRSHIP”, quickly click the spacebar repeatedly to break the machine
33. You will release the Moshling and get “PLINKY” of the “TUNIES”!
34. Click the “ESCAPE POD” to leave the airship and return to MISSION CONTROL HQ
35. You will be de-briefed with the Elder Moshi and then you will see your CERTIFICATE of success for completing the Mission!





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    Thanks for sharing your info. I truly appreciate your efforts and I
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    How do u send him

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    hi can you tell me how to do mission10?

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    moshi monsters is stupid! no offense! it’s for 3 year olds.

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    that is soooooooooooooooo helpful and it really helped me to finish mission 3!!!

  8. CAITLIN says:

    hi, thank you so much for your helpful cheats they really helped me I couldn’t have done it without them
    at first I thought you had got Plinky’s name wrong I thought it wasd Pinky but it turned out you were right I have added your website to my favourites and i will be using it to help me reguarly I am a member on moshi monsters well that is quite obvious i wouldn’t be looking for mission cheats if i wasn’t i was really suprised and pleased to find a website with the new mission cheats on you must update it reguarly
    Thanks Again
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