Moshi Monsters: All Christmas Codes 2013

Moshi Twistmas

I’ve had quite a few requests asking for Christmas Codes to decorate your room all Christmassy! So, I decided to post a list of all the Christmas Secret Codes! Here they are:

  • Twistmas Bauble: BAUBLE41
  • Twistmas Scare Bear: TEDDY23
  • Twistmas Lights: LIGHTS30
  • Twistmas Candycane: CANE15
  • Twistmas Wallpaper: PAPER18
  • Snow Machine: MACHINE40
  • Twistmas Floor: FLOOR11
  • Twistmas Door: DOOR42
  • Twistmas Window: WINDOW44
  • Twistmas Deer: DEER9
  • Twistmas Stocking: STOCKING12
  • Twistmas Tree 2012: TREE47
  • Twistmas Banner: TWISTMASTIME

ALL OF THESE CODES WORK! The codes are all from last year and haven’t expired yet! (If you used them last year, they won’t work again!) 

Looking for more secret codes? Click here for over 300 more codes!


We hope you enjoy these codes for your room! That’s all for today, guys! Stay tuned to MME, as we’ll be bringing you more secret codes and Moshi News when it’s released!


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3 Responses to Moshi Monsters: All Christmas Codes 2013

  1. 2009fire15! The Freezy Riders is back I’ve played it and you still get Long Beard.

  2. adam1559 says:

    Shame they don’t work again

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