NEW Code for Truffle Moshling – Available to Everyone!

BREAKING NEWS: Truffle now has a second combination – a secret code accessible to everyone!

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Hey guys! Lets get straight to it! There’s a second combination for Truffle. Special thanks to Bexy for letting me know. At first the only way to get Truffle was if you bought the ‘Truffle Carte Blanche Plush’, which came with a one time use code you’d enter for the seed to get Truffle.

Check our other post: How to get Truffle if you don’t remember:

Today, a new code can be used by everyone has been released. It gets you the Sprung Onions seed. You plant that seed with any 2 other seeds for Truffle. Here’s the code:

Sprung Onions Seed for Truffle: BEANSTALK60
Truffle Moshling Moshi Monsters

Well, this is awesome! What do you guys think? Have you got Truffle? Let us know!

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How to get Peeps Moshling on Moshi Monsters

How to get Peeps moshling! Yes, hey guys! You read it! We have a combination for Peeps the moshling! Crazy, cause yesterday I announced him and right after we have a combination! And after all, my theory was correct! On this post we also got an exclusive animation and sound first on the web! Anyways, keep reading for the combination!

Peeps Moshling Moshi Monsters

PEEPS #209 (Nicknacks; Rare)

NAME: Peeps the Bowtied Bookling
SET: Nicknacks
COMBINATION: Blurb Seed with any 2 other seeds. (To get special seed, email Buster – Read Below)

UPDATE: I have received another email from Moshi Staff. They are saying that Peeps is in pre-release right now and can only be given out to those with the book. However, and soon – Peeps will be available to everyone soon, as a second combination will release eventually. 

UPDATE: Peeps is only available to those with the New Moshling Collectors Guide Book. At first, Buster was giving out some Peeps codes for free to everyone who emailed him, but now Buster will only give a Peeps code to those who buy the Collectors Guide. If you have the book, take a pic with your name, and email him the pic for a Peeps code.

VIDEO: How to get Peeps by 2009Fire15

How to catch Peeps:
Alright, so this is pretty cool. Moshi has never really done something like this. First off, Peeps is available to EVERYONE right now. Follow the instructions below and you may get Peep:

  1. Buy the all new Moshling Collectors Guide Book

  2. Take a picture with your owner name on a piece of paper beside the book

  3. Email Buster at

  4.  In the subject line put “Peeps”

  5. In the email, kindly ask Buster for a Peeps code and include the picture

  6. Wait patiently, and hopefully Buster will reply with a code for the seed to get Peeps!

  7. If Buster replies with a code, type it in the Secret Codes section. Then plant the seed with any 2 other seeds!

Shhh! Fingers on lips and listen up because Bowtied Booklings can recite every Moshi story ever written. Just put on that elasticated bowtie, whisper the title of your favorite Moshi tale and presto! These well-read Moshlings can even spell out any Moshi word, including “Gooberdoopermoshidabbytastic”.

Most Bowtied Booklings enjoy the silence of libraries but you might find a few shushing each other from the shelves of Biblio Boulevard.

Bookish, geeky, and wordy.

Likes: Swallowing dictionaries and saying “Shhhh”
Dislikes: E-readers and Owls of Wiseness.


What do you guys think? I think this is a big let down and unfair! What about the people who don’t have the new Moshling Collectors Guide? Its only available in the UK, so what about the rest of the world?Have you emailed Buster yet? Has Buster replied to you? Let us know what you think in the comments! Anyways, good luck!

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4 NEW MOSHLINGS – Spotted in the New Moshi Karts Magazine! (July 2014)

New Moshlings Banner

Moshi karts Magazine

Hey guys! The all new Moshi Karts Magazine is now out in the United Kingdom! It’s a limited edition, ultra rare exclusive magazine! In it, we found some stuff you might wanna see! (New Moshlings!)

We have reports of new Moshlings spotted in the magazine itself. First off, I would like to thank Brantan3478 for providing the images below! Please do know these moshlings are unknown and unreleased. These are only images and some very little information on them. Take a look:

mushroom-moshling new

A Mushroom Moshling???
Mmmm, well this one certainly looks interesting! At this point, we can assume he can be in the woodies set as he is a mushroom, or in  the gurus set as he looks like a old beardy guy!

egg-moshling new

An Egg Bow Tied Moshling???
Now look at that cute, innocent face of this one! Definitely looks like an egg. But hey I also see some poppet features in this moshling! This one could possibly be in the Gifties set.

Not a lot of detail in this pic, but looks like a cute little egg… haha

moose-moshling new

A Moose Moshling???
How fascinating… This Moshling has a winter hat on, and kinda represents Winter in a way. I mean, its a moose after all, right? So I think that this one could possibly be in the Frosties set.

lion-moshling new

A Lion Moshling???
This one looks fancy! Certainly looks like a lion! A circus one too- with all the fluffy hair! Since it’s very unique and cute (even though its a lion), it may be in the Cuties set!

Well what do you guys think? Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments! My fave is the lion one! Definitely these are just first appearances. So for now, we don’t have very much information! We will soon, so stay tuned to MME – Once we know it, we will show it!

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How to get Truffle Moshling on Moshi Monsters

UPDATE: New Code for Truffle!

Hey Everyone, Fire Here! Today I’m excited to reveal to you – how to get Truffle! This Moshling is brand new, and appeared earlier this month, and now we already have a combination or way to get him!

Truffle Moshling Moshi Monsters

TRUFFLE #208 (Woodies; Rare)

NAME: Truffle the Splendid Sproutling
SET: Woodies
NUMBER: #208

How to catch Truffle:
To get Truffle, you will need the Sprung Onions seed. To get this seed, you must enter the secret code “BEANSTALK60” for it! After entering the code, plant the seed with any 2 other seeds. Wait a few hours, and Truffle is all yours!


Is that a mini beanstalk ising skywards from each and every Splendid Sproutling’s head? No one knows for sure because these cute critters spend most days snuggling in magical soil. And when they do venture into Monstro City they wrap their mysterious green shoots in cling film.

Dig around the base of a Moshi beanstalk and you might unearth a few Splendid Sproutlings. Failing that, look in the greenhouses of Petal Park.

Likes: Potting Sheds and the name Jack.

Dislikes: Rummaging Plotamuses and strimmers.

Thanks for viewing! Will you be buying the plush? I know I won’t be cause I’m in Canada… Comment down below and let us know!

PATCHWORK – Patch The Scare Bear
WEEKEND – 99 Rox (Expires July 25 2014)
Click here for 500+ More Secret Codes!

Also, Rosscp is off for vacation until the 28th of July! Have fun Ross! – Fire

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How to get Linton the Mollycoddled Manama on Moshi Monsters

Hey Everyone,
Today MME is excited to reveal how to get Linton on Moshi Monsters? Did you know that we first discovered this Moshling in March 2013? Yes, it’s been a long wait!

Check out our very own 2009Fire15′s Video – How to get Linton:

Continue reading to find out how to get Linton:

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