Every few months, Moshi Monsters Expressway hosts contests for Moshi membership, 1 time use secret codes, Moshi gifts, shout outs, giveaways, etc!

Each month we host a Random Rox competition, which could be for any amount of rox from 25 to 2000! Simply answer the following question in the comments and you may win!


What is the name of the shopkeeper at the ‘Games Starcade?’

A – Snozzle Wobbleson
B – Baz
C – Raarghly

Current Contests/Updates:

  • Remember to enter Moshi’s ‘Design a Moshling’ competition! – Ends May 31st!
  • The Shambles Competition winners will be announced shortly!
  • Our next contest will take place in June for a one month Moshi membership.

Please check back here at this page again soon for more coming contests! All contests will be posted and hosted here!

Stay Tuned and Cross your fingers! :)

201 Responses to Contests

  1. hanneke says:


  2. Hi 2009fire15! I would like to join your contest. My answer is C. Please also visit my website and also join my Grand Christmas Giveaway 2014:

    Thanks for reading! :)

  3. debbie11236 says:


  4. pardiskirchhoff says:

    oh!add me,i’m 79snugglingyummy

  5. lolboredrandomname1 says:


  6. thomasv27 says:


  7. zombiefan5059 says:

    my answer is c

  8. Laiba Amir says:

    The answer is c: Raarghly

  9. Joanna(subbycute) says:

    I think is C

  10. Dancingcrazy04 says:

    C: Raarghly

  11. eviebeary111 says:

    I think C is the answer

  12. does anyone know what word press is why im asking is because im new and dont know much about this website because the only website i go on is mosh monsters until i dicovered this website so can some one tell me info plz

  13. this is sooooo cool i’m new to moshi express way and its sooo AWESOME that u can leav comments and thumbs up or down soooooooo cool

  14. fairyruby89 says:

    request m ei am fairyruby89

  15. how do you make a contest 2009fire15

  16. jke3505 says:

    is a pit had you sod play it you will get the hen of it

  17. Fire can you give membership codes please :( am so sad becuz i never won! :( it’s not fair to others FIRE!

  18. JENNIFER says:


  19. JENNIFER says:


  20. amiee says:

    good moshi monsters to

  21. oliver says:

    how do i subscribe to get dustbin beaver can you get me a 1 time use dustbin beaver code so i can get him my owener name is wrightoj i will give you gifts worthy of 350 rox

  22. dory5879 says:

    omg pls give me a nipper code ive asked my mom a lot of times if you do give me a nipper code post it on my notepad my name is dory5879

  23. shakirah says:

    if u don’t mind can u pls remove some friends on your friends tree so i can add u? if u want u can add me! my account name is stella39934575

  24. lovelara23 says:

    its summer 2012 now??

  25. Hanna51879973 says:

    Hi 2009fire15,luv your site,I’ll visit it and comment all the time!!!!I tried to add u but u hav a lot of friends.U know I’m adicted to Moshi Monsters.I’ll tell u some codes.
    1. moshimoshi
    2. moshlingzoo1
    3. moshifunpark
    4. spinachtoffee
    5. puzzleplace
    6. googenhine22
    7. monstrocity1

  26. rhiahiroko says:

    you stink not telling us the db code!

  27. send me a new june code

  28. Zac says:


  29. julia says:

    hey i love moshi monsters can u have another contest and 2009fire15 should be a member again add me julieju247

  30. james says:

    my real name is James Matthew Briggs

    on moshi monsters my name is briggskids777, i am a member for 12 months (1 year)

  31. james says:

    on Easter Sunday read this


  32. james says:

    im on moshi monsters my name is briggskids777

  33. james says:

    ive got wurly the moshling in the techies

  34. james says:

    hi. i now how to get blingo

  35. james says:

    hi i now how to get dustbin bever

  36. Thesprout says:

    hey fire. i hope u have a contest soon. g2g to bed. See ya Firey Fire!

  37. clumsyme22 says:

    I luv this website it’s awesome :3

  38. wael says:

    i got all the cheats
    its great

  39. Krystal says:

    I have wanted to be friends with you 2009fire15 since november!

  40. pippa-berrie says:

    Hi! This website rocks!
    But coud we have some new codes???????
    Other than that this website is great!!!!!!!!!!

  41. camo1212 says:

    2009fire15 i really want to add you but u have 2 many friends please add me i love your blog!

    add me camo1212

  42. Needs updating… It says October but shouldnt it be like December or January?

  43. imola89 says:

    hey i also have a bog please comment on it is called

  44. imola89 says:

    Hey im a moshi member add me 2009fire15 my moshi monster name is imola89!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (im on level 11!)

  45. everton9801 says:

    please add me my name is eveton9801

  46. Hyee!!!!!
    Uhm… When is the next contest? We are really hoping soon! :3 We love the site!

    ~The Kishays

  47. Danielle says:

    im lil-i-p-ad. em…. plz add me and plz tell me how to get nipper
    and sookie-yakie pritty plz.
    sorry forgot how to get white fang if you wanted white fang.

  48. Also how do you make the thing on a search thing when I try it it ?just shows this website

  49. please go on mine its called:

  50. Georgw says:

    hey please add me im called cocoa1813 some of ur cheats are mix up

  51. hollie says:

    i love you

  52. Sprouty says:

    I’ll have to enter it (;

  53. katelyn says:

    there is one from the moshi magezine that has been out

  54. Elana says:

    where do u buy halloween things

  55. nan4462 says:

    Hey fire,
    I reached A list today, thanks for all your visits
    Love nan4462 xx

  56. fahim401. says:

    I love your room 2009fire15. I’ve got a question for you. Are there any new secret codes on moshi monsters? I’ve been a fan for ages. I want to add you but i cant because you have so many friends. Try adding my anyways. The username is fahim401. I have another account. Add me on that to. The username is fahimbokth.
    IMPORTANT MESSAGE! people reading this please check out my room and rate please! THANKS ALOT!

  57. hi fire i wanna know how you get a baklround on wordpress can you plz tell me

  58. dolly8772 says:

    hi 2009fire i wanna be your friend on moshi moonsters but u have alot plz can u delete one u dont have to if you dont wanna but i think your monster is cool and the best one on moshi monsters and i will send u gifts and my name is dolly8772 on moshi monsters when u find out how to get dustbin biever plz may u tell me thanks :)

  59. Shadow951286557 says:

    Hey fire!

  60. 8blazer says:

    when is the next contest coming?

  61. dolly8772 says:

    on moshi monsters my name is dolly8772

  62. dolly8772 says:

    Hi is there anymore codes? on moshi monsters my name is dolly8772

  63. dolly says:

    hi thanks for all of the codes plz can i be your friend on moshi monsters i did request u but u have to many friends. How do u get blingo i tried the code but it failed thanks.

  64. Fahim says:

    Hey 2009fire15,
    I have been a fan of yours for ages and i sent you a friend request. If you didnt get it add me my username is fahim401

  65. cluckyegg says:

    hey fire
    please can u talk to me on moshi im quite bored at the moment
    how long have u been playing on moshi for? ive been playin for 6 months and I am on level 17 and i am monster H list
    please visit me moshi friends

  66. shokie says:

    check out my room plz, i’m shokie

  67. 2009fire15 plz request me i cant request u cuz u have too many freinds plz ive been trying for so lond plz add me oshawott200000

  68. Maia says:

    hi 2009fire15 it’s me mymushie87 from moshi monsters i would do anything to have a job on this site P.S you have a great room!

  69. 5429142 says:

    can i be in the contest?

  70. 5429142 says:

    hi i wish i could be monstar of the week

  71. HoneyBunch212 says:

    Where are the results? in the 12th already!

  72. cluckyegg says:

    who won the contest? did I
    please can u make a new contest i really like them and want to win

  73. Gerarldo148 says:

    P.S. this is a part of the other note I tried to add you but you didn’t get a round to it yet so if I am not on your friends tree I will be on your requests for sure

  74. Gerarldo148 says:

    I enetered your comp on a last minute entry (I have to admit your prizes are the best)

  75. KTcat89 says:

    Hii!! I want you to know that I`m a big fan and I really want to participate in your contest cause the cards and the magazines doesn`t arrive to my country and I would love to have some codes
    Anyway, I tried to send a friend request to your moshi , but it said you had too many friends and needed to remove some friends to make room fo another…
    If you can do this without offending anyone , it would be awesome , cause I really want to be part of your friend tree.
    I`m ktcat89 on moshi :)

  76. blahblah says:

    thanx soo much

  77. blahblah says:

    ok im dsiisthebest12345 plz add me 2 ur friend tree 2009fire15 and everyone else

  78. blahblah says:

    i tryed 2 add u on my friend tree but u didnt accept

  79. I REALLY wanna enter but you have to many friends :( Can i enter anyway?

  80. xydash says:

    Who won’t eneter this I will!


  81. emily says:

    omg! ima wait til the 10th to enter, how many have entered already?

  82. Xx says:

    hey there! yup :) i’m gonna enter! <3

  83. dscarpa1 says:

    i am


  84. dscarpa1 says:

    it says i haf to be on your friend tree but u have to menny friends!!!!!!!!

  85. Sophzii says:

    AWESOME o;

    =D I’ve just emailed my answers;D ☺

  86. loveclub4 says:

    i finished the contest and i emailed you

  87. bunchow2001 says:

    THX!! I looove contests!!! (And prizes!!!) :) 😀

  88. loveclub4 says:

    does it matter if we spell it wrong?

  89. bunchow2001 says:

    when will the next contest be in july??? :) 😀

  90. loveclub4 says:

    heyy fire guess what! i won the contest at the daily growl! i made the lady googoo pinata! i got 1000 ROX!

  91. I seriously can’t believe you get all those prizes for winning one of your contests! If it’s a drawing contest im so entering cause im an artiste!

  92. abbiemoshi says:

    cool but girls are rocking the moshlings

  93. jukiba8 says:

    heeey lol
    I LOVE U

  94. aaron says:

    this web site is cool

  95. Hey can you give a sneak peek of what prize you get if you win the contest?

  96. sorry 2009fire15 you havent got the resutls out yet i was looking at them others funny me

  97. Fire you know your contest result are they any runner ups

  98. Your computer is fixed yay now you can go on moshi

  99. candy4424 says:


  100. candy4424 says:

    hi ppl

  101. candy4424 says:


  102. candy4424 says:

    OMG! Fire plzzzz add me that would be my dream and it’s so funny that my best friend is named: Pineapplechunk2468 she is like the nicest girl on mm (moshi monsters) I bet ur really nice I only can get to meet u if u add me on moshi monsters!=) (hope u add me)=

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  104. olivia says:

    yo I am going to enter the contest is it okay if i put a back round to my drawing

  105. Lily says:

    WOW!i am SO going to enter!!!!

  106. fifim says:

    Woah!Great Prizes!Im so gonna enter!

  107. ponylove22 says:

    I didnt mean to say that! it was my friend playing a joke on me!

  108. graci57 says:

    are you a boy ore girl?

  109. marleymoo3201 says:

    This is the Colouring compitition for Tyra Fangs In The Daily Growl

  110. marleymoo3201 says:

    This is The Daily Growl Colouring Compitition I have dont for Tyra Fangs

  111. khanny987 says:

    Hi people i won 2009fire15 contest day 1

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