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Welcome to Moshi Monsters Expressway (MME) We are a public Moshi Monsters blog that aim to provide Moshi fans with latest Moshi monsters information! We’ve got it all here! We have Moshi Monsters guides, tutorials, secrets, tips, tricks, cheats, codes, new updates and more! Once we know it we’ll show it! Serving monsters since August 7 2010.

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Happy Easter!

HAPPY EASTER from 2009Fire15 & The MME team20130329-162446.jpg

Thanks for all the fan support, wonderful comments, outstanding views/hits, and everything!

Just wanted to wish all the fans, friends, viewers, and families celebrating a very happy and cheerful Easter! Moshi Monsters Expressway hopes you all have a great time! It is very holy and special, so make the best of it!

What are you doing for Easter this year? Let us know in the comments!
Stay tuned and say hello to the Easter Bunny for us

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Coming Soon: The Ultimate Moshling Figures Guide!

Hey Everyone!

Katsuma_IntroFor ages now, I’ve wanted to create content that allows people to keep track of their Moshling figure collections, seeing as the official Moshi Monsters book is now outdated and new Moshling figures are released all the time.

I have decided, that with the help with the Moshi Monsters community, and most importantly MME fans, we will gain help in order to create a free, downloadable, updated Moshling Figures guide! This is an important project for MME. Seeing as it’s so important, we’ve created a Facebook page:


Diavlo_introWe do encourage you to like our Facebook page, if you have Facebook – you can even get your parents, family and friends to like it if you can! Liking our page means you will get information about our project in your Facebook news feed! 

We hope that it will be possible to work along with other Moshi Monsters blogs and websites to make this happen! We would love it if you could help us to advertise our Facebook page, by posting on your own sites – if you do, please make sure to comment down below saying that you did! 

Right now, this project is at the early stages, but with publicity and help we will soon complete this project in help for all Moshi Monsters figures collectors. 

Thank you for your help, we hope you are all excited! There are over 1,000 Moshling Figures to collect – hopefully MME can help you to get all of them!

Please note: This project is absolutely nothing to do with Moshi Monsters, Mind Candy, and book publishers, it is all Moshi Monsters Expressway! :)

That’s all for today, stay tuned for more Moshi news!


Shoney the Amazin’ Blazin’ Raisin Video OUT NOW!

Shoney5Hey Everyone!
Today, Shoney’s brand new Moshling Music Video has been released over at the Moshi TV Studios! However, we’ve managed to get a video of it for everyone to see! :)

Here’s the video:

Shoney10Shoney is going to be released very soon! Click here to find out Shoney’s seed combination that we found!

Woah, how amazing is Shoney’s new music video – I love it! Do you? Make sure you comment down below and let us know your opinions of the new Shoney video!


How to get Mrs. Snoodle on Moshi Monsters Village!

mrssnoodle_jumpHey Everyone!

I’m very sorry for the fact that I’ve not been posting in a while. I’ve been super busy with school and stuff! Now it’s the Spring/Easter break, so I’m going to make the most of it, by posting on MME! :D

Today, I have found out how you can get Mrs. Snoodle on Moshi Monsters Village, the new Moshi Monsters app!

To get Mrs Snoodle on Moshi Monsters Village you must have purchased the “Moshi Monsters: The Movie” DVD, that’s released on April 14th 2014 in the United Kingdom.

1. Purchase the Moshi Movie DVD.
2. Find the secret Moshi Village Mrs Snoodle code.
3. Follow the instructions given.
4. Enjoy your Mrs Snoodle code!

Also: The Movie DVD will come with a secret code to get Mrs. Snoodle in-game, making there two ways to get Mrs. Snoodle. (from her plush and from the DVD – both paid unfortunately)

Are you planning to get Mrs Snoodle on Moshi Monsters or Moshi Village or both? Comment down below and let us know! :D



MME Admin, Graphics Designer.

How to get Mrs. Snoodle Moshling on Moshi Monsters

Mrs Snoodle


Mrs. Snoodle #170 (Legends; Rare)

    • NAME: Mrs. Snoodle the Silly Snuffler
    • SET: Legends
    • NUMBER: 170
    • RARITY: Rare
    • COMBINATION: Bouffant Bluebells, Any other two seeds. (Mrs. Snoodle Plushie)

Mrs Snoodle:
Released on March 7th 2014 in the Moshling Zoo. She was first spotted in the Moshi Monsters Movie, and was announced earlier this year. TO GET HER, YOU MUST BUY THE MOSHI MONSTERS MRS. SNOODLE PLUSHIE. The plushie comes with a code that only works once and never again. Use that code, and it will give you the Bouffant Bluebells seed. Then plant that seed with ANY other two seeds. Wait a few hours, and Mrs. Snoodle is yours! Mrs. Snoodle is also the partner of Mr. Snoodle in the Ponies set.

She might be a Silly Snuffler but Mrs. Snoodle is one smart little Moshling. With her plume of rainbow hair, Mrs Snoodle is easy to spot, so it’s a good thing that she can change the colour of her mane to match her surroundings. And wait until you hear her parping!

Likes and Dislikes:
-Likes: Fluffy rainbows
-Dislikes: Microwavable Oobla Doobla and cameo roles

Enjoy! Thanks for viewing! Have fun with Mrs. Snoodles! Do you have her? COMMENT!

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