Moshi Beanstalk Playset Review!


Hey Everyone!
A few weeks ago I recieved a press sample of the “Moshi Beanstalk Playset” to review for you all. I do apologise for the delay due to ilness and school.

Today I have an awesome review of the “Moshi Beanstalk Playset” for you all! I hope you enjoy and I hope this will encourage you to buy the epic playset! 

Many thanks to Vivid Imaginations/Norton and Co for once again letting us review some Moshi Monsters merch!

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Happy Holidays from Moshi Monsters Expressway! 2014.

Moshi Monsters Christmas Iggy

Moshi Monsters Expressway
Hey guys, hope you are well! Yes, we have been quite inactive. Sincere apologies for that, as our current staff and myself are very busy. However we will be back soon, as well as maybe hire some additional workers to run the site. Remember, the site is full of codes and tips/vids- so keep up with that for now! Also, enjoy our winter based theme! Enjoy the awesome graphics, as well as the background music! The Tombas that are falling also look fantastic!


Merry Christmas
I would like to personally, as well as the MME staff – wish those that celebrate, a very Merry Christmas. We wish the best for you and your family! All the best, and we hope you weren’t too naughty this year! A don’t eat too many candy canes! What did you get for Christmas? Comment! Merry Twistmas!! Also, here are some old Christmas codes if you haven’t used them from the past!

  • Twistmas Bauble: BAUBLE41
  • Twistmas Scare Bear: TEDDY23
  • Twistmas Lights: LIGHTS30
  • Twistmas Candycane: CANE15
  • Twistmas Wallpaper: PAPER18
  • Snow Machine: MACHINE40
  • Twistmas Floor: FLOOR11
  • Twistmas Door: DOOR42
  • Twistmas Window: WINDOW44
  • Twistmas Deer: DEER9
  • Twistmas Stocking: STOCKING12
  • Twistmas Tree 2012: TREE47
  • Twistmas Banner: TWISTMASTIME


Happy New Year
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! Yes indeed, 2014 went by very fast! It is crazy how time flies. I hope you all had a wonderful year, and hope you have an even better upcoming year! Hopefully we continue on with the Moshi events in 2015- as we promise to bring you the very latest! Have a great last few 2014 days! Remember, its always good to start a new year on a good note! Do something good, or set goals! Happy New Year guys!

Anyways, this will probably be the last post of mine of 2014! Been very busy, but I wish you all the best! Catch my next post in early 2015! So yeah, wish you all a very safe and wonderful holiday season! Take care, Merry Christmas and Happy New year everyone!!

2009Fire15 Sig

2009Fire15′s 5th Anniversary on Moshi Monsters

Hey guys,

Yesterday, December 4th marked my fifth anniversary on Moshi Monsters! I joined the game on December 4th, 2009! 5 years ago! Wow. Times flies!

Though I did create MME in August 2010, I still wanted to thank you all for your continuos support over the years!


Those are two very old photos! Awesome eh? Also a big shoutout too Andy06au for throwing a huge party for my 1st Moshi birthday, back in 2010! Thank you!


Also, happy 5th birthday to my monster Howie!


Stay tuned for more posts!
Have a mosterific weekend!

-2009Fire15 / WordPress App

Moshi Monsters Magazine Subscriptions Discontinued


Hey everyone!
Today I have some sad news for Moshi Monsters Magazine subscribers…

Recently fans have discovered that the “Subscribe” button has went missing from This was later to follow by an email from Moshi Monsters Magazine, confirming the ending of the subscriptions.

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Moshi Slopcorn Review!

Moshi SlopcornMOSHI SLOPCORN REVIEW!Moshi Slopcorn

Hey Everyone!
Today I have an awesome review of the “Moshi Slopcorn Tub” for you all. I thought this would be a brilliant idea as Christmas is just a few weeks away, and it’d be good for you all to get some ideas about what to ask Father Twistmas for!

Many thanks to Vivid/Norton and Communications for once again letting us review some Moshi Monsters merch!

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