Moshi Slopcorn Review!

Moshi SlopcornMOSHI SLOPCORN REVIEW!Moshi Slopcorn

Hey Everyone!
Today I have an awesome review of the “Moshi Slopcorn Tub” for you all. I thought this would be a brilliant idea as Christmas is just a few weeks away, and it’d be good for you all to get some ideas about what to ask Father Twistmas for!

Many thanks from Selina at Vivid/Norton and Communications for once again letting us review some Moshi Monsters merch!

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Inactivity – Apology!

Hey guys, Fire here! You haven’t heard from me in ages… haha!

I just wanted to say I am very sorry for the recent inactivity here on Moshi Monsters Expressway. Myself and the MME team have been very busy with school/life.

Winter break is coming up, (some free time yay)… I am hoping to get back to udpating the blog and keep in touch with all you awesome Moshi fans!

Thank you all for your patience and support. I really appreciate it!

Wanna work on MME? We’re looking for workers to keep the site running and updated – daily! Let us know in the comments. Thank you.

Be back soon guys! Super sorry for all this! :) Miss you all….!

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Series 12 Food Factory Figures coming January!

Hey Guys,
I’m extremely sorry for the lack of posts in the last couple of months, the MME staff have had lots of other commitments to attend to. Today we have some very exciting news, Series 12 Figures have been spotted! We’re coming back with a bang!

Special thanks to budeyboy5000 for finding the following image for us!

Wow, how awesome is Series 12? And it’s great we aren’t just getting a silhouette this time!

3Series 12 collectables, (also advertised as the “Food Factory collectables”) will be on sale in late January 2015, most probably sometime around January 26th. As they always have been, the series will come in Blister Packs of four and a surprise Moshling (RRP £4.99) and Blind Bags with two surprise Moshlings and a collector card (RRP £2.99) 

The blister packs have been spotted online (see right)
Notice how even the packaging has a bite mark!

Series 12 includes sixteen characters…

Series 12 is different from all the previous series we’ve seen.. The food factory collectables come with the entire Foodies set and Fizzy in a redesigned, recoloured figure as well as new characters Micro Dave, Squelch and Pinestein, (finally!) Series 12 also sees the debut of some of the Food Factory’s pizza ingredients.

Lots of new Food Factory products will also be coming out in 2015, we’ll show you those soon!

So what do you think about the new Series 12 Food Factory Figures? Leave a comment down below and let us know!


Series 11 Figures: Full Set Review

Series 11 ReviewHey Everyone!
It’s been about four weeks since Series 11 Figures were released! Ever since Series 9, Vivid Imaginations, who are the people that make the Moshi Monsters figures have let MME do a review of the new series of figures! I’m really sorry that it’s took me so long to do this review, I’ve been really really busy recently, but anyways – Better late than never! Anyway, I’d like to say a huge thank you to Vivid Imaginations and Norton and Co for once again letting MME review the new figures! Continue reading to find out what was inside the package! Continue Reading

King Toot and Topsy Turvy Moshling Animations!

King Toot Animation HeadingTopsy Turvy Animation Hey monsters! On behalf of everyone here at MME, I apologise for the lack of posting lately, but that will change! Now, here are two UNRELEASED Moshling animations!

These are super cool! Did you like them? Post your opinions in the comments!