What’s up with Moshi?

moshi-monsters-logo.jpgWhat’s up guys?!

Today I have quite a sad post for you all, and I’m really sorry that I  have not posted in absolutely ages! But this post should hopefully reveal the reason for that! I know Moshi Monsters Expressway has went through many spells of inactivity in the past year or so, but please bare with us! A lot of the things included in this post are things that myself and my friends are wondering about and thinking of, deeply.

Food Factory moshling eggMoshi Monsters has been super inactive recently. We have had no updates so far in 2015. The last update I recall was around Christmas time when the streets were decorated and of course restored back to normal. I’m unsure if Twistmas items were on sale in the shops, but yes of course that would count. The last time a Moshling was released was on September 10th, 2014 when Tessa and Chirpy were released to our zoos and just shortly before that on the 9th of September, we saw Bubbly came out. This was almost seven months ago… why no more Moshlings? We only seen 16 Moshlings release in 2014, compared to 47 in 2013.  You know what else, there are over sixty Moshlings we know about that Mind Candy have created and have made images of, just sitting in the waiting room awaiting their release. Characters like Eugene, Pipsi, King Toot and Topsy Turvy all have animations that are ready and have been uploaded and apparently it’s a case of just writing a few lines of code to add these Moshlings to the game. Why can’t Mind Candy just do this?

And what about Super Moshi Missions.. we’ve all been moaning about no new missions since around September 2012… no new missions in eighteen months. Although we are aware that it is difficult to create missions with such storylines and animation, Moshi have not been transparent with us and have said that there will be new missions really soon.. eighteen months on and we are still waiting. Most paid members pay for brand new Moshlings and brand new Missions, none of this has happened meaning they are paying for almost nothing, and I will say Moshi Monsters memberships aren’t exactly the cheapest – I know myself I’ve cancelled my membership until any updates happen. Cap’n Buck’s also been hanging around at the Port a lot, I think he’s outstayed his welcome and he has been forgotten about. Cap’n Buck must leave the port at one point so that he can explore and bring back some amazing new items for us. Whilst we’re on the subject, we’ve not seen Buck return with new goodies for us since early 2013. I’m sure we’d all also like to see some new shops, items, characters, streets, features, stuff like that.

micro daveWe all love merchandise, right! Moshi Monsters Figures are probably the most popular piece of merchandise, seeing over ninety million of them (as of 2013) have been sold. We’ve seen Vivid Imaginations manufacture and produce twelve series of Moshi Monsters figures. (My review on the new-ish Food Factory figures will come soon) In past years we’ve seen three and even four series of figures release but this year we’ve only got two planned. I’m unsure if this is true or not but I’ve been told that Vivid have said they will no longer be releasing figure sets (like Series 1… Series 11) but themed sets, sure a gain but it means we won’t get to see some of our favourite characters in their natural figure form. Some like King Toot, Peeps, Glob, Jiggly, Randall, Carter and Baby Rox don’t even have a figure yet. Obviously this is not Vivid’s fault, but Mind Candy’s fault for lacking common sense? On a happier note North American and Australian fans are gradually starting to get more figures and figure series released over there. Less variations have been releasing too.. at least this gives fans to catch up with old series that they may have missed out on.

Roary-glassesPersonally, I’ve always read The Daily Growl on a daily basis to see what’s been going on. But in the past few months we have got absolutely minimal  content and just a variety of puzzles such as “Moshi Motor Mouths”, “Bubble Trouble”, “Extreme Close Up”, “Spot The Differences”, “Spot The Odd Ones Out”, “Jeepers Peepers” and “What’s Wrong With This Picture”. One of my friends recently said something like “Roary is on autopilot”, super true. Probably too busy shopping for sunglasses for all his eyes or something? I feel sorry for the poor guy, there’s nothing to report on due to Moshi Monsters being so inactive, so Roary just has to make up some puzzles and post them for us all to see. Although we also get ‘Freebie Friday’ every week, there has been an extreme lack of new secret codes released recently.

Moshi SlopcornMoshi Monsters have been selling merchandise for years now, gradually selling more and more as time progresses. Less and less is appearing on our shelves. For books, it’s been evident that Moshi Monsters are somehow delaying/scrapping their plans for further books. Yes, it’s shocking. Millions of books have been sold in the UK alone and they are proving to be a big hit with fans. I don’t think MME at all covered the Carte Blanche Plush series that were released. Carte Blanche released three series of Moshi Monsters plush that included codes for Moshlings online like Mrs. Snoodle, Truffle and Jiggles – they have now discontinued this range after such a short lifespan. And what’s also bad the codes from some of the series 2 and 3 plush do not work at all meaning fans cannot get that Moshling seed that the plush is advertised to come with. And I’ll mention briefly that our Magazines have got shorter and more expensive including less valued content.

MoshiVillageAppMoshi Monsters have released a lot of apps in 2013/2014. Yep, none for 2015. Moshi Monsters Village was doing really well, with lots of players and fans and some people actually thinking that was Moshi Monsters! It has barely been updated since and has so much potential, an update including paid membership for the app was released to Android devices, but iOS devices meaning that most people could not purchase this and Mind Candy could loose out on quite a lot of money. Next, Moshi Karts. Moshi Karts gave us fourty levels of endless-running track game, with a promise of more coming soon, it’s been over a year! Moshling Rescue! has also been a hit with a lot of adults and older players, with 300 levels it takes match-three games to another level but we’ve only had one update since it’s release, last Spring. In recent years, the demand for apps instead of computer games has increased and we think Mind Candy are slowly trying to move Moshi to an app like Club Penguin have done, recently.

Mind Candy have been a lot more diverse, too. They have created apps like World of Warriors and PopJam (you can see these on the App Store) which they seem to be concentrating on a lot more than Moshi Monsters. You may also have noticed that Mind Candy replaced ‘Poppet Magazine’ with ‘BFF Magazine’ – a ‘gossip’ type magazine for younger girls – after just a ten issue lifespan. Moshi Monsters have also been replying slower to the emails they receive, and have been much less helpful than previously. All fans would agree that Mind Candy should concentrate on keeping their flagship brand that got them famous updated instead of working on other material. They definitely need to get the balance right. Here’s a quote from an email response from Mind Candy:

Our staff is smaller right now and creating new items for the game takes quite a bit of time. Maintaining the game isn’t as easy as it was a couple of years ago. We’re a bit more diverse now and our energies are spread more thinly, if you will.
I’m hopeful that in the future we will be able to introduce some new Moshlings, make some new items for the game and open up some new areas for everyone to enjoy. :)

WurleyEyesAll of this definitely has an effect on Moshi Monsters Expressway. It means that there is almost nothing to post on meaning we loose audience, meaning that when Moshi Monsters actually do decide to update and provide us with new content, less people will know about this. We hope that you will bear with us throughout this struggle.

I do of course encourage you to share this message with your friends etc., as this is quite important. I understand I’ve went on a bit but this is really important and I hope you all have managed to read some. If you are shocked by what you have realised in this post I do encourage you to contact Mind Candy at info@mindcandy.com and Moshi Monsters at hello@moshimonsters.com

I would love to hear from you all on this! Please be sure to give this post a like and leave your comments on your opinions/feelings! I better be going, now – I’ve went on quite a bit! Be sure to keep up with MME for all the latest as it happens and we will try our absolute best to provide you with new posts!

2009Fire15 is on the Pop Jam App!

Hey everyone!

It’s about time the Pop Jam app released in Canada! It finally did, and I decided to create my very own account!

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Some Moshi Monsters Codes You May Have Missed Out On…

Hey guys, Fire here! We have been so busy with our lives at MME! We barely have posted secret codes. Here is some we missed out on in the end of 2014:
Update: All Codes worked and have been tested by 2009Fire15:

Purple-roxRox Codes
234 Rox:
97 Rox: QUICK
101 Rox: DRIZZLE

Happy Thanksgiving America! NEW Foods In Grossery

Food Codes
Crab and Jelly Sandwich:
Carton of Sour Milk: LUMPY
Chocolate Coated Broccoli: GREENS
Quenut Butter Sandwich: CRUNCH
Roarberry Cheesecake: ROARS
Cavi-arrr: BUCCANEER


Room Item Codes
Red Button: KABOOM
Beanstalk Slide: BEANSTALK260
Giant’s T-Shirt Framed: BITSMELLY
Rydell’s Scooter: VROOMS

Graffiti Wallpaper

Wallpaper Codes
Monster Graffiti Wallpaper:
Beanstalk Wallpaper: OOHSKY

A Full list of all secret codes can be seen at —>http://wp.me/P4qoF3-u0

Thats all for today! Thank you all for being such continuous and dedicated fans/supported! I seriously apologize for the lack of posts and activity of the website! I will to post more often and update you all further! I promise Ill post soon, in a few days/weeks! Take care!

P.S – Please leave a comment about what YOU would like us to post about! Codes, news, tutorials, anything…! I would love to hear from fans. Thank you!

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Moshi Beanstalk Playset Review!


Hey Everyone!
A few weeks ago I recieved a press sample of the “Moshi Beanstalk Playset” to review for you all. I do apologise for the delay due to ilness and school.

Today I have an awesome review of the “Moshi Beanstalk Playset” for you all! I hope you enjoy and I hope this will encourage you to buy the epic playset! 

Many thanks to Vivid Imaginations/Norton and Co for once again letting us review some Moshi Monsters merch!

Continue reading to find out more about the Moshi Beanstalk Playset!
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Happy Holidays from Moshi Monsters Expressway! 2014.

Moshi Monsters Christmas Iggy

Moshi Monsters Expressway
Hey guys, hope you are well! Yes, we have been quite inactive. Sincere apologies for that, as our current staff and myself are very busy. However we will be back soon, as well as maybe hire some additional workers to run the site. Remember, the site is full of codes and tips/vids- so keep up with that for now! Also, enjoy our winter based theme! Enjoy the awesome graphics, as well as the background music! The Tombas that are falling also look fantastic!


Merry Christmas
I would like to personally, as well as the MME staff – wish those that celebrate, a very Merry Christmas. We wish the best for you and your family! All the best, and we hope you weren’t too naughty this year! A don’t eat too many candy canes! What did you get for Christmas? Comment! Merry Twistmas!! Also, here are some old Christmas codes if you haven’t used them from the past!

  • Twistmas Bauble: BAUBLE41
  • Twistmas Scare Bear: TEDDY23
  • Twistmas Lights: LIGHTS30
  • Twistmas Candycane: CANE15
  • Twistmas Wallpaper: PAPER18
  • Snow Machine: MACHINE40
  • Twistmas Floor: FLOOR11
  • Twistmas Door: DOOR42
  • Twistmas Window: WINDOW44
  • Twistmas Deer: DEER9
  • Twistmas Stocking: STOCKING12
  • Twistmas Tree 2012: TREE47
  • Twistmas Banner: TWISTMASTIME


Happy New Year
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! Yes indeed, 2014 went by very fast! It is crazy how time flies. I hope you all had a wonderful year, and hope you have an even better upcoming year! Hopefully we continue on with the Moshi events in 2015- as we promise to bring you the very latest! Have a great last few 2014 days! Remember, its always good to start a new year on a good note! Do something good, or set goals! Happy New Year guys!

Anyways, this will probably be the last post of mine of 2014! Been very busy, but I wish you all the best! Catch my next post in early 2015! So yeah, wish you all a very safe and wonderful holiday season! Take care, Merry Christmas and Happy New year everyone!!

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