Series 11 Figures: Full Set Review

Series 11 ReviewHey Everyone!
It’s been about four weeks since Series 11 Figures were released! Ever since Series 9, Vivid Imaginations, who are the people that make the Moshi Monsters figures have let MME do a review of the new series of figures! I’m really sorry that it’s took me so long to do this review, I’ve been really really busy recently, but anyways – Better late than never! Anyway, I’d like to say a huge thank you to Vivid Imaginations and Norton and Co for once again letting MME review the new figures! Continue reading to find out what was inside the package! Continue Reading

King Toot and Topsy Turvy Moshling Animations!

King Toot Animation HeadingTopsy Turvy Animation Hey monsters! On behalf of everyone here at MME, I apologise for the lack of posting lately, but that will change! Now, here are two UNRELEASED Moshling animations!

These are super cool! Did you like them? Post your opinions in the comments!


How to get Tessa the Shooting Star on Moshi Monsters!

Tessa 2Hey Everyone,

I’m really sorry it’s late, but today we have some information on how to catch the brand new Moshling, Tessa the Shooting Star!

We’ve known about Tessa for about a year, ever since Tessa appeared in the Moshi Monsters Magazine stickers sheet with loads of new Moshlings!
We then seen Tessa feature in Series 9 Figures, and now she is finally released!
Unfortunately, only Moshi Members can obtain Tessa with her seed code.

Tessa is part of the brand new set, the Sparklies!
sparklies full
Continue reading to find out more about Tessa!

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Appologies for our abscence.

Hi Everyone,

This is just a quick post to apologize for our absence in the last few weeks. We have been busy with lots of different things. This week we will make our best efforts to get you all up to date with the latest goings on in Monstro City including:

  • The final few days and final few Moshlings of the long overdue Series 11 countdown!
  • Our Series 11 review post courtesy of Vivid!
  • Five brand new Moshlings and how to get them!
  • Many many new Moshlings that have been spotted!
  • The brand new Design a Moshling winner!
  • And lots more!

Thanks for understanding. :)

Moshi Monsters Series 11 Countdown: Day 6

MME are very sorry this post is late, we have had some post publishing difficulties recently. 
Series 11 Countdown Banner
Hey Everyone! Welcome to Day 11 of Moshi Monsters Expressway’s Series 11 Countdown! Each day from 14th August to 29th of August, we will be showing you all a brand new, exciting Moshling that will feature in Series 11! 

s11 countdown today

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